Registering a new host

Hitachi Device Manager needs to know about the clients (or look at them as consumers if you want to) when you allocate space. In order to do so, you need to register those clients. Please note that you are not registering a host in Device Manager, you are registering it in Command Suite. You will be able to migrate data, use replication wizards, etc once you have registed your host. This is why we use the Administration panel rather then Resources panel. You have three way to do it.

Registering a new host

I guess by now you know you have multiple options to get to the wizard.

    • Resources tab, Hosts group, Add Hosts button


  • Administration tab, Hosts Tab, Add Hosts.
    1. Add a host manually.

Select the Add Hosts Manually button then type your servername (1), select the os type (2). If you did the zoning already then you should see your WWN in the list. If not you can type it yourself (3) then click on Add (4). The WWN can be in any format (it can have : . or nothing like in this example). When done click OK.

    1. Scan for a host or grup of hosts using an admin type credential

      Specify the host ip, admin credentials to it and OS type. The OS type is used for HDS to determine the best way to obtain the WWN and the IP config remotely from the server.


  1. Syncronize the element manager with device manager.
    Syncronization is a bit tricky as Device Manager thinks that one group in Storage Navigator (Element Manager) represents a host but sometimes admins will put all the WWN's for a cluster under a name. As a result when Host Scan is complete, all those WWN will be part of one host rather then multiple.
    To scan click the Host Scan button
    Confirm the Warning and select your Storage System where the scan will be run. Click ok When Done.


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