Naming conventions

I've been asked a million times what different acronyms stand for.


So without further delay we'll start adding what i know and if you want to know any of them feel free to start asking.


HDS - Hitachi Data Systems
HCS - Hitachi Command Suite
HDvM - Hitachi Device Manager
HTsM - Hitachi Tiered Storage Manager
HTnM - Hitachi Tuning Manager
HRpM - Hitachi Replication Manager

SN - Storage Navigator

CCI - Command Control Interface
HORCM - Hitachi Online Remote Copy Manager
TC - True Copy (Synchronous Replication)
HUR - Hitachi Universal Replicator (A-Sync Replication)
GAD - Global Active Device (active/active replication)

SI - Shadow Image (Cloning)
TI - Thin Image (snapshots)

HDP - Hitachi Dynamic Pool
HDT - Hitachi Dynamic Tiering

HDI – Hitachi Data Ingestor

Hitachi Dynamic Tiering (HDT) simplifies storage administration by automatically optimizing data placement in 1, 2 or 3 tiers of storage that can be defined and used within a single virtual volume. Tiers of storage can be made up of internal or external (virtualized) storage, and use of HDT can lower capital costs


ZPR - Zero Page Reclaim

Zero Page Reclaim facility examines the volumes of physical capacity on a Hitachi Universal Storage Platform® and where the firmware determines that no data other than zeros is found on a Dynamic Provisioning software pool page, the physical storage is unmapped and 'returned' to the pool's free capacity.



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  1. HDI – Hitachi Data Ingestor

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