How to refresh a storage array into HCS

Remember that HCS is actually an application that holds it's own database regarding hosts, what they see, what type they are and where they are allocated. However, Strorage Navigator sits more closely to the hardware and admins have the option to perform activities using Storage Navigator as well as Device Manager. The trouble with that is that any changes that are being performed in SN they are not "pushed" into device manager (hitachi command suite).

As a result, storage admins should Refresh the storage arrays defined under the Command Suite before performing any tasks especially if they believe that someone else might be touching Storage Navigator as well. The refresh operation is nothing more then a pull where HCS will read the config from the Storage Navigator and correct any missing information in it's own database. A

Refresh a storage array into HCS

The refresh is pretty simple, after you login to HCS you need to expand your arrays under All Storage Systems, then Click on the array you want to refresh and wait for the screen to load. Once summary is loaded on the right pane you right click the storage name and select "Refresh Storage System".
Refresh a storage array

Confirm with OK.

You can click View Task Status to check the status immediately.


If you want to check the task status at a later time, just click on the Administration tab at the top, then select Data Collections Tasks and you should see your refreshs task in there. Once done your HCS should be in line with Storage Navigator.


  1. Can the refresh be initiated from the command line? If so what would the command be for that?

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