How to check port settings on USP

Changing ports settings is useful for setting up arrays, once they are setup you don't need to touch them that often unless you decide that this array will be part of a new replication pair. You can change Port attributes, Port Security, Port Speed, Address, Fabric and Connection type

Port settings on USP

Port Attribute role
Target Hosts can be zoned to this port and they can send data to the array using this port
Initiator This port can participate in a replication relationship as a source
RCU Target This port can participate in a replication relationship as destination
External This port can be used to virtualize other array.

First you need to login to SVP then use the Go menu, LUN Manager, Port.
port settings on USP

You will need to browse throught your structure to find out the port that your are looking for. When you identify it, to change the settings (gray green area in the screen) you need to change the mode to modify (press the litte pen like button to the top)

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