HicommandCLI – install and first run

Device Manager has a command line as well. It can be downloaded and installed locally on any machine or it can be lunched from the default hdvm (hicommand device manager) installation directory (usually drive:\Program Files(x86)\HiCommand\) under the DeviceManager\HiCommandCLI folder. It's main application it's a batch file called hicommandcli.bat. Please note that Java JRE is required for this tool.

HicommandCLI - install and first run

The CLI can be downloaded from the Hicommand Command Suite using Tools, Download Menu

Select the CLI for your OS (Windows in this case)

Run the executable

And specify the expand location

After it's installed you run the hicommandcli.bat and specify the hicommand command suite ip location and username and pass to be used. The syntax is as follow :
hicommandcli.bat http://ip_of_hdvm_server:2001/service function -u username -p password.

Here is an example (run from the hdvm server itself) : hicommandcli.bat getserverinfo -u system -p manager

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