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As noted in the previous post regarding HiCommandCLI installation you need to specify the url, username and password every time you need to run a command (think of it more of passing a command to hicommand device manager server).

There is a way to automate that server and specify only the action that you want to take.

What needs to be done is to locate the file called hicommand.properties file and replace the default settings. The file is located on the HiCommand CLI install directory or on the HDVM server on c:\program files (x86)\HiCommand\DeviceManager\HICommandCLI\hicommandcli.properties. As always, make sure you backup any files before changing them.


The sign # represents a comment and by default all lines a re commented, you will need to remove the # sign from any lines you change. Next is to configure the following fields.

user = default is system, you can change this to another username if you need too for audit purposes. This is a user that is defined via the HDVM administration tab.
password = you need to specify the password for the user specified above. It can be clear text or it can be encrypted in a file using the hdvmaccount utility (see bellow). If using encrypted, point the password field to the password file generated by the hdvmaccount utility.
HiCommandCLI.serverurl= point this to the url of your HDVM server on port 2001/service

Here are two examples:
With password in clear text


With password in encrypted mode


In order to obtain the file above you need to run the batch file called hdvmaccount.bat. It only needs two parameters: the username and the file where the password will be encoded.

When running it it will ask for old password, new password and reenter the password. Use the devicemanager password three times (in the case bellow we've typed manager three times)

Once the file is configured you don't need to specify these settings anymore, you can just run hicommandcli.bat command and the defaults will be used.

If you want to read more about HDVM CLI HDS published a real good read here : http://www.hds.com/assets/pdf/scripting-storage-management-solutions-oct-31.pdf. Don't be afraid that the document is old, the data inside still applies.

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  1. good one…Please post thin image configuration step by step one if possible.
    and Horcm file creation for the first time. Thank you in advance :)

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