How to generate a dump for hds support

A lot of times, HDS support (HDS Support numbers are 1-800-446-0744 in US, 1-858-547-4526 outside US) will ask for a detailed or normal dump from the array. This is nothing more then just a collection of logs from the array side that will allow them to gather a better insight to the environment and perform a health check to assist in troubleshooting.

The challenge is that too many times we forget the links to the control panel of the array.

You can find the link in the storage navigator user guide manual (page 8-15) under the Troubleshooting section, but for convenience i am copying in this article as well.

control panel for svp (vsp, uspv, g1000, etc) - https://ip-of-svp/cgi-bin/utility/toolpanel.cgi

Here is the process with screenshots.

1. Open the control panel of the SVP.(open https://ip-of-svp/cgi-bin/utility/toolpanel.cgi). If you don't know the address of the svp and you do have an HCS environment you can always get it from there (see the IP address in the Summary section within HCS, covered here in the how to refresh a storage system)


Click on Download Dump Files and use of the credentials

Array Username Password
USP/V/VM root root
VSP maintenance raid-mainte
VSP G1000 maintenance raid-maintenance

Click login then select the type of dump requested by support (normal or detailed).


Click Next and confirm compress



And wait :) It normally takes a while for the file to be generated and downloaded to your computer. DO NOT CLOSE THIS WINDOW! If you do so you need to start the process all again.


Once you see the download button you are ready to save the file and upload it to your case via



As a side note, if your hitrack agent on the SVP agent is at a specific level then the HDS support personel will be able to "request an dump" from array side without you needing to go thought the process. That being said, take it with a grain of salt as too many times the hitrack agents are blocked by corporate firewalls from performing this operations so it does not work all the times.

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