Naming conventions

I've been asked a million times what different acronyms stand for.   So without further delay we'll start adding what i know and if you want to know any of them feel free to start asking.   HDS - Hitachi Data Systems HCS - Hitachi Command Suite HDvM - Hitachi Device Manager HTsM - Hitachi Tiered Storage Manager HTnM - ...

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How to determine what HORCM instances are running.

Our environment grew quite a bit over the past time so now we have too many arrays and relationships between then and it was getting out of control. We had to come up with a standardization. We came up with a logical way of getting our horcm instances numbered and we chose a 3 digit horcm number in the format ABC ...

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How to generate a dump for hds support

A lot of times, HDS support (HDS Support numbers are 1-800-446-0744 in US, 1-858-547-4526 outside US) will ask for a detailed or normal dump from the array. This is nothing more then just a collection of logs from the array side that will allow them to gather a better insight to the environment and perform a health check to assist in troubleshooting. The ...

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How to virtualize volumes on USPV

After you login to storage navigator, change the mode to edit then use the Go menu and select Universal Volume Manager-> Volume Operation Select Add volume (auto) -> Default policy Click Port Discovery Select the ports where you zoned the external storage (you can use ctrl or shift to select all the ports at once) The ever loading message Now ...

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How to check the LUN-ID from host side

If you ever wondered how you can check the lunid from the hostside and you don't have the option of installing CCI then you are in the right place. The easiest way to get the lunid is to use the inqraid command that is part of Hitachi CCI (command control interface) package. You don't even need to install CCI on ...

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HUR – create a replication pair

create a replication pair

In this post we will be talking about creating a replication pair for the HUR (Hitachi Universal Replicator) Once HUR is configured and both arrays have luns defined in Journal Volumes, you can go ahead and create a replication pair. You have to know that a lun has to be assigned to a port (see here) before it can take ...

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How to virtualize volumes on VSP

virtualize volumes on VSP

After you login to svp, go under the External Storages and click on the Add external volumes button Click the Create External Path Group (this represents the external ports where the devices will be presented through) Click Discover External Target Ports Select the ports where you know you zoned the external storage (click the port first then click the Add ...

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