HicommandCLI – configuration


As noted in the previous post regarding HiCommandCLI installation you need to specify the url, username and password every time you need to run a command (think of it more of passing a command to hicommand device manager server). There is a way to automate that server and specify only the action that you want to take. What needs to ...

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HicommandCLI – install and first run

HicommandCLI - install and first run

Device Manager has a command line as well. It can be downloaded and installed locally on any machine or it can be lunched from the default hdvm (hicommand device manager) installation directory (usually drive:\Program Files(x86)\HiCommand\) under the DeviceManager\HiCommandCLI folder. It's main application it's a batch file called hicommandcli.bat. Please note that Java JRE is required for this tool. HicommandCLI - ...

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